Mission Statement 
At Blessed Patrick O’Loughran Primary School we aim to provide a working, caring and happy environment in which the potential of every child can be realised. 
As a Catholic school we wish to promote in all our pupils such values as will make them caring and respectful citizens. We believe in the dignity and worth of each individual and in the development of the whole person. 
All members of staff share these values and work to ensure a pupil centred approach in which caring is a shared responsibility of all our staff. These values underpin and shape our school policies. 
This Week in... 
Blessed Patrick O'Loughran P.S... 
Week beginning Monday 27th March 2017 
MONDAY ~P1-3 After school soccer 
TUESDAY~ P3 & 4 Trip to Navan Centre/P5 & 6 Gaelic/P1-3 After school Drama 
WEDNESDAY ~ P5 Gymnastics/After school Sports For All 
THURSDAY ~P3 & 4 swimming/After school Circuits 
FRIDAY ~ P4 & P7 Hurling/Tin whistle with Mr Convery 
Pupils of the Month ~ February 2017 Congratulations!!! 
Principal's Award 
Primary 4 
Primary 1 
Primary 5 
Primary 2 
Primary 6 
Primary 3 
Primary 7 
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